(1994-97 unavailable)
Summer '97
Winners of 2nd Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Orly's Draw a Story,Fraction Attraction, Curious George's ABC Adventures

Winter '97/'98
Winners of 4th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: World Discovery Deluxe

Summer '98
Winners of 3rd Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Working Phonics, Interactive Mathematics: Algebra

Winter '98/'99
Winners of 5th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Learn to Speak Spanish, Huggly's Sleepover, Numbers Undercover

Summer '99
Winners of 4th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Piggy in Numberland, I love Math, Earobics

Winter '99/'00
Winners of 6th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Fun with Science, Blue's 123 Time Activities, Encarta Reference Suite 2000, Jumpstart Preschool, Ready for School Toddler.

Summer 2000
Winners of 5th Annual EDDIES. Reviews: Type to Learn Jr., Math Problem Solver, Destination Math, American Memory Primary Sources.

Spring 2001
Winners of 7th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: GameGoo: Learning that Sticks; Jumpstart Artist; Search for the Golden Dolphin; Get A Clue Vocabulary Development Series - Mastery Ed. 2.0.

Summer/Fall 2001
Winners of 6th Annual EDDIES.  Reviews: Kelly Bear Teaches About Feelings; The Hidden Treasure of Al-Jabr; World Book Online (website); Learning Styles Inventory; Typing Instructor Deluxe, 11th Ed.

Spring 2002
Winners of 8th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Clifford Learning Activities; Vocabulary Puzzles, Gr. 1; Mia's Reading Adventures; Encarta Reference Library 2002; Kidspiration; Inspiration; ELLIS Kids.

Summer 2002
Winners of 7th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Discover Intensive Phonics For Yourself; Reading Exporations--Grade 4; Maple 8.

Spring 2003
Winners of 9th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: CyberEd Middle School Life Science Course; americanhistory.abc-clio.com; Plumo at the Park; eSylvan; Intellitools Reading--Balanced Literacy; Advanced Listening Professional.

Summer 2003
Winners of 8th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: www.scholastic.com/sn2; EasyTech; Picture It! Digital Image Pro; The Theory of Plate Tectonics; Kar2ouche: Romeo and Juliet.

Spring 2004
Winners of 10th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: www.worldgeography.abc-clio.com; Typing Instructor Deluxe 16; I Spy Fantasy; Didi & Ditto Kindergarten; Look, Listen and Speak.

Summer 2004
Winners of 9th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Typing Instructor for Kids; PLATO Life Science website; Key Skills for Math; Practice in Effective Guidance Strategies; Fly a Cell.

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