Post-Secondary Math (Waterloo Maple)

Maple 8 is dynamic software which offers a comprehensive environment for visualizing and exploring mathematical concepts and developing mathematical applications. Its problem-solving capabilities support a wide variety of mathematical operations such as numerical analysis, symbolic algebra, and graphics, including 3D smart plots. Commands are used to achieve a wide range of results - from performing basic arithmetic and algebra, to computations involving advanced topics such as tensor analysis, group theory, and more. Included are interactive mathematical visualization, a user interface with typeset mathematics, word processing facilities, and a modern programming language, making it a powerful and flexible tool for users in education, research and industry. One can also combine hundreds of free add-on packages and applications from their website, to enhance this flexible analytical tool.
Execution groups and spreadsheets help the user interact with the Maple computational engine to carry out specific tasks and display the results. In execution groups, by placing the cursor on any command line and pressing Enter, all commands in that group are executed in sequence and the results (or output) are displayed at the end of the execution group. Spreadsheets can contain both numeric and symbolic information, and are used to generate tables of formulae. They combine Maple's math capabilities with the familiar row-and-column format of traditional spreadsheets.
        Key enhancements in the Maple 8 version include "Maplets,
" Scientific Constants, and Differential Equations. The program has been a useful tool for teachers, researchers, scientists, engineers and students.

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